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March 6, 2014
Chris Conyers

We have just returned Daisy after a long weekend with her, doing day trips from home near Castle Howard out to the coast. She was a brilliant surprise for my daughter having passed her grade 5 clarinet exam, and she was embarassed but chuffed to be met from school by Daisy. The driving was fun, although I never really got the hang of hill starts! I did spend a lot of time smiling and waving at people, which was fab.. We enjoyed sitting out in Daisy in the evening, just chatting and playing music, and having tea and toast in the morning. Daisy was surprisingly spacious and very comfy. My two girls slept out overnight, and were cosy despite it being a cold one.
We really miss her – it was a fun weekend and would urge anyone looking for an unusual, fun, and friendly weekend or week, to contact Daisy’s keepers – Tracy and John, who are so helpful.
We plan to hire yet another one soon – we have our eyes on Percy!