October 2013

We had a truly marvellous time in Daisy’s company. We travelled up to the Northumberland coast, breaking the journey in each direction with an overnight stop at Robin Hood’s Bay.

Daisy is a delight and the convenience and cosiness of being able to stop and brew up at beauty spots or laybys of our choosing, was just great. It is a definite advantage that the VW camper has over larger campervans/motorhomes, that it provides very comfortable accommodation at night and the convenience of a car during the day for touring.

Driving Miss Daisy was a fairly easy adaptation to make from a more modern car. The gearbox provided the biggest challenge as ‘neutral’ seemed to elude me several times when I was searching for it, mostly at junctions. However, knowing it had to be in there somewhere was a comfort – as the cars behind patiently waited.  Once I had developed the habit of ‘consciously’ taking the engine out of gear, so I knew where the lever was, it became less of a problem. The heater John has fitted is excellent, so we were never cold. It was also good to be able to plug in an MP3 player, listen to our own music and not be hostage to ‘Random FM’.

Fried breakfast never tasted so good as it did each morning sitting at the little table; the little fridge was very efficient and had more than enough capacity for our needs. Next time we might buy the campervan cookbook and try to extend our culinary repertoire.

We were delighted by the whole experience, which we are planning to repeat as soon as we can. Thanks to John and Daisy for an unforgettable trip.

Mike and Debbie

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  1. Keith & Vicky Says:

    Daisy is the best thing ever on par with Dougal (we love Dougal)

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